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Our sister site, Fetcheveryone.com offers a free online training log, and everything you could possibly need, AND it's completely free.

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Log your runs, cycling, swimming, and other cross-training activities. For each workout, keep track of your time and distance, route, workout type, race placement, heart rate, weight, calories burned, shoe mileage, routes, ascent, descent, best times, speedwork times and distances, weather, and personal notes.

See your training at a glance

The user friendly training log lets you see all of your workouts for the month or year. Analyse each one in detail, or summarise the whole lot to assess your progress.

Create and share running routes

Map and measure your favourite routes and find routes created by other users.

Chat in our Talk area, and write a Blog

Find support from other runners, share your experiences, and spend your time thinking about running, even when you're not doing it.

Play Games

Bet on other runners if you think they'll PB, run round a map to explore new zones and collect coins.

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